Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Cincinnati, Ohio

United States


Patients and families from across the region and around the world come to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center because we are dedicated to improving child health.
Other medical providers often turn to us when a child needs a complex surgical procedure or treatment for a rare pediatric disease. We discover new and better ways to treat the conditions that affect children, maintaining our status as one of the world’s foremost centers for pediatric care.

Thanks to Our Donors

Date Donor Donation Value Date Donor Donation Value
10/29/18 Ralph Toys $1-50 6/23/18 Kathleen Toys $1-50
9/23/18 Alyssa Everyday Living $1-50 5/15/18 Kristen Arts & Crafts $1-50
9/23/18 Amy Arts & Crafts $1-50 5/15/18 Anonymous Games $51-100
8/8/18 Angela Assorted Items $51-100 5/14/18 Matthew Music & Instruments $1-50
6/27/18 Angela Assorted Items $51-100 5/14/18 JASON Toys $101-200