Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital

Hershey, Pennsylvania

United States


Every year, Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital at Penn State Hershey Medical Center is a destination for hope and healing for thousands of children and their families. As the only Level I pediatric trauma center between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, we serve the most populous rural regions in the nation, with more than a million children in our referral area.

Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital offers more than 20 specialty pediatric patient services in Hershey and numerous specialty services at more than 30 outpatient clinic locations throughout Pennsylvania.

We are thankful for the support from the Starlight Foundation to help bring smiles to the faces of our patients and their families during an otherwise scary, difficult, or stressful time in their lives. The generosity of the Starlight Foundation has helped us bring special parties and events to our pediatric patients and families, has provided activities to help children remain engaged and distracted during their time at the hospital or clinic, and has allowed us to offer video gaming opportunities to every child, including those who are unable to leave their rooms.

Thanks to Our Donors

Date Donor Donation Value Date Donor Donation Value
3/5/17 Rebecca Assorted Items $1-50 12/7/16 Sheryl Assorted Items $201-500
3/5/17 Rebecca Assorted Items $1-50 2/25/16 Rebecca Assorted Items $1-50
3/5/17 Rebecca Assorted Items $1-50 8/10/15 Edward Toys $51-100
12/23/16 Tanya Assorted Items $51-100 11/21/14 Brenda Assorted Items $101-200
12/19/16 Kristen Assorted Items $101-200 12/19/13 Julie Toys $51-100