St. Christopher's Hospital for Children

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

United States


Located in the epicenter of poverty in Philadelphia with 63% of the residents in the surrounding neighborhoods living in poverty, St. Christopher's Hospital for Children is a family-centered, community-based hospital. As one of the Philadelphia region’s primary resources for children’s health, we serve children and families regardless of financial situation, background or lifestyle.

Partnering with the Starlight Foundation would allow us to not only provide high quality health care services, but would also help us provide for one of the most basic needs any child has - the chance to be a kid! Whether it be a toy or video game to play with, , a wagon to ride around the hospital, or a tablet to video chat with friends and family, the items provided to our hospital by Starlight Foundation help give the patients at St. Christopher’s the chance to do what they do best - be kids!

Thanks to Our Donors

Date Donor Donation Value
5/1/18 Dana Infant $1-50
12/14/15 olivia Assorted Items $1-50