K. Hovnanian Children's Hospital at Jersey Shore University Medical Center

Neptune, New Jersey

United States


Led by trained pediatric experts, the Child Life Program uses age appropriate play and education to create a normal atmosphere that supports the emotional well-being of young patients and their families. The Child Life Program has a family centered model, focusing on the child and family as a whole.
In addition, Child Life collaborates with the health care team to increase the understanding of the hospital experience for our pediatric patients and their families.
Whether its bedside, in the playrooms or in the teen lounge, numerous interventions are offered such as medical play to improve a child's understanding of their illness, diversion from pain during procedures or needle sticks, and palliative care. Your donation will allow the child life team to provide these and other much needed services.

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Thanks to Our Donors

Date Donor Donation Value Date Donor Donation Value
11/9/18 christopher Books $101-200 9/19/17 Marisa Toys $1-50
12/11/17 Thomas Arts & Crafts $1-50 9/18/17 Matthew Assorted Items $201-500
10/9/17 Kristy Arts & Crafts $1-50 12/4/16 John Assorted Items $51-100
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